Central & South America

Rio Bravo

Contact: Paulo Silvestri
Work Av. Chedid Jafet, 222, Bloco B, 3º Andar – Vila Olímpia São Paulo Sao Paulo 04551-065 Brazil Work Phone: (55 11) 2107-6600 Website: http://www.riobravo.com.br


Rio Bravo is a Brazilian asset management firm. Our practice areas include: equities, real estate, macro and fixed income funds, private equity, and fund of funds.  

We have a number of private equity funds focused on investing in Brazilian firms. We have made investments in food, agribusiness, education, health, tourism, entertainment, industry, traditional energy, energy efficiency (Ecoluz), new / green materials (Adespec), information technology, and life sciences. Our investments are often at the first outside round to follow on stage and can range from a few million to $25 million.

Categories: $1M - $2M, $2M - $5M, $5M or more, Agriculture / Forestry, Building & Construction, Carbon Mitigation, Central & South America, Energy: Any, Equity, First Outside Round, Follow-on, Industrial Technologies, Information Technology, Internet / Media, Life Sciences, Materials, Private Equity Fund, Recycling, Water
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