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Origo Resource Partners

Contact: Chris Rynning
Work 26th Floor, Building A, North Tower, SOHO Shangdu, No.8 Dongdaqiao Road, ChaoYang District Beijing 100020 China Work Phone: +86 10 5900 2770 Website: http://www.origoresourcepartners.com/


Origo Resource Partners is owned and operated by Origo Sino-India Plc a private equity investment and consulting practice focused on companies with significant assets in the natural resource sectors of China and India. Since growing demand for natural resources in China and India will be deeply intertwined with supply from international markets, we will consider the emerging and resource rich markets of Africa, South-America, and South-East Asia. ORP seeks to invest between US$5 million and US$20 million over the life-cycle of an investment typically acquiring a substantial minority (10-40%) interests in the investee company’s equity.

We are primarily investing in growth stage firms with a target Net IRR or 25%, however we will make selected green-field investments and resource acquisitions (24-48 months to exit). The fund has four general areas Reserve and Concession Rights, Distribution/Operations, Value-added Processing and Manufacturing, as well as Technology, Solutions and Services. The sectors we primarily invest in are: Certification, Quality Assurance and Testing, Process and Performance Improvement, Extraction: Refining/ Beneficiation, Recycling and Value-added Manufacturing, Metals and Minerals, Oil and Gas ( fossil fuels), Forestry, Bio-energy feed-stocks, Wind, Solar , Gas, Water, Alternative Energy, etc.

Within the clean technology sector we have made investments in HaloSource, Aqualyng (water), IRCA (environmental consulting), NiuTech Energy Limited (waste to fuel conversion), and Unipower Battery Limited (energy storage).

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