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Contact: Maria Belén Rey Asensio
Work C/Fernández de la Hoz 9 Madrid 28011 Spain Work Phone: 0034 915 942 076 Website: http://www.inveravante.es/


The Inveravante Business Group is a major player in the energy sector, primarily through the purchase or development of assets. Avantegenera’s activities extend to all types of energy (electrical, renewable, oil, gas, etc.) both in Spain and abroad. Focal points of attention include those areas with the greatest capacity for development (USA, Latin America and the so-called Emerging European states.

Avantegenera founded Gaelsa, a company set up with other Galician partners to develop wind farms in Galicia. Through partnerships with local businesses, or operating alone, Avantegenera undertakes renewable energy projects around the world. Within Europe we are interested in the development of partnerships and renewable energy projects – mainly wind and solar power in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland. Other countries are currently under study. In Spain we have invested in a number of renewable energy projects mainly wind and solar power in Galicia and Catalonia. We have also invested in thermosolar plants installed in a number of locations across Spain.

Within Morocco we are in the process of developing framework agreements with the publicly-owned energy provider ONE, establishing energy prospecting and project development at various sites around the country. We have hydroelectric, wind cogeneration and biogas projects underway in countries such as Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Guatemala. Avantegenera is also breaking ground in North America´s renewable energy market, by purchasing a 62 per cent of the Canadian company Shear Wind, which has 1,200 MW projects in its portfolio.

We are intersted in late stage investments in companies that have operating renewable assets including both minority and majority stakes ranging from the tens to hundreds of millions EUR.

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