Central & South America

HSBC Principal Investments

Contact: David Mullen
Work 452 Fifth Avenue 4th Floor New York City New York 10018 United States Work Phone: 212-525-5969 Website: http://www.hsbcnet.com/pi


HSBC Principal Investments is the private equity arm of HSBC an international bank. HSBC invests at the venture stage, in middle market companies, real estate, and projects located in North and South America, Asia, the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Middle East.

HSBC Principal Investments (PI) was formed in October 2006 as a way of bringing together all of HSBC’s core principal investing activities. Investments typically range upwards of USD 10 million to USD 30 million.

HSBC has invested in Project Better Place (sustainable transportation) in the USA, The New Forst Company (sustainable forest management) in Africa, as well as heat rocovery/exchange companies in South Korea, solar technology in Taiwan, and bio-diesel in China.

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