Central & South America

Global Catalyst Foundation

Contact: Kamran Elahian
Work 255 Shoreline Drive Suite 520 Redwood Shores California 94065 United States Work Phone: 650 486 2430 Website: http://www.global-catalyst.org/


The Global Catalyst Foundation is a private foundation established by the principals of Global Catalyst Partners. Its mission is to improve peoples lives through the effective application of information technologies by awarding grants. The Foundation initiates and supports innovative projects worldwide to improve education, alleviate poverty, promote social tolerance and celebrate diversity. We have supported organizations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

We will provide funding for projects that operate at the intersection of ICT and sustainable development or health delivery. One such project that we supported integrated ICT and renewable energy generation.

Categories: $250,000 - $500,000, Africa, Asia, Central & South America, Eastern & Central Europe, Government / Grants, Grants, Information Technology, Internet / Media, Less than $250,000, Project Finance
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