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FMO Development Bank

Contact: Pimhein Kool
Work Anna van Saksenlaan 71 P.O. Box 93060 2509 AB The Hague Netherlands Work Phone: +31 0 70 314 97 02 Website: http://www.fmo.nl


FMO is the entrepreneurial development bank of the Netherlands. We promote sustainable development of the private sector in developing countries. FMO has an investment portfolio of Eur 4.6 billion, making it one of the largest bilateral development banks. FMO has excellent access to capital markets, in part attributable to the Triple A status that was conferred in 2000. FMO’s core activity is to provide local businesses and financial institutions in developing countries with long-term financing, ranging from loans to equity investments in enterprises. FMO does this on market terms and only when financing by commercial financiers is either unavailable or inadequate. Its present portfolio covers 78 countries.

FMO is involved in many different energy-improvement projects. For instance: development of energy-efficient technologies; generation and distribution of energy to rural, off-grid areas; refurbishment of existing coal-fired plants to increase eco-efficiency; provision of solar-panel systems for homes in rural villages; investment in wind, hydro and other sustainable power supplies. We can provide equity financing up to EUR 10 million, loans up to EUR 20 million at a maximum of 75% of total transaction size.

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