Central & South America

FE Clean Energy Latin American

Contact: Francisco Hoyos
Work 22 Thorndial Cir. Darien CT 06820 United States Work Phone: 203-662-9293 Website: http://www.fecleanenergy.com/


The Fund will make equity or quasi equity investments in small innovative companies that offer energy services to other companies, providing access to financing and technical expertise to help them use energy efficient measures or renewable energy for generating power. The Fund will target potential investments in countries that have shown advances in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology projects, such as Brazil and Mexico. Initially, the fund will pursue direct investments in energyservice companies (ESCOs) that bundle together small- and medium-sized projects focused on improving the efficiency of production, distribution, and consumption of electricity or thermal energy. Subsequently, through performance contracts and other financial instruments, the ESCOs will help assist other businesses to reduce their energy consumption.


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