Research Equity Group

Contact: Thomas Hanly
Work PO Box 364 Tuart Hill Western Australia 6939 Australia Work Phone: 1300 881 220 Website:


Research Equity Group supports early stage companies with technological innovations that address a market demand for environmental improvement. The Research Equity Group makes investments in companies located in Australia and Singapore. We utilize our Clean Technology and Water Fund alongside active acquisition of government grants to support innovative early stage firms that address a market demand for environmental improvement. Our investments typically range from $1  to $5 million at the first outside round and follow-on stage.

We have a preference for companies that specialise in energy efficiency and storage, renewable energy generation and alternative fuels, carbon sequestration, environmental trading mechanisms, water purification and management, and green buildings. By utilising a wide range of Government Grants and incentives as well as our own Clean-Tech and Water Systems Investment Fund, we are building a financial platform that will deliver quantifiable environmental benefits and generate commercial profit.

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