Contact: Michelle Deaker
Work Level 2, 265 Miller Street North Sydney New South Wales 2060 Australia Work Phone: +61 400 412 000 Website:


The OneVentures Innovation Fund will focus on investments in the TIME (Telecommunications, Information Technology, new Media and Entertainment) and Cleantech (Water purification and management, Transportation and logistics, Materials recovery and recycling, Materials and nanotechnology, Manufacturing/industrial, Green buildings, Energy storage, Energy infrastructure, Renewable energy generation, Energy efficiency, Allternative fuels, Air quality, Agriculture and Nutrition) sectors.  

We have a preference for ultimate minority holdings of between 10% to 40% or a structure that involves dilution through successive funding rounds. OneVentures typically makes initial Investments of approximately $1.5 – $2 million invested in tranches, determined by milestones.  Around $1.5-$2m will be reserved for follow-on funding. We expect a seat on the board of every company that we invest in.

Categories: $1M - $2M, $2M - $5M, Agriculture / Forestry, Australia, Building & Construction, Energy: Any, Equity, First Outside Round, Follow-on, Food, Industrial Technologies, Internet / Media, Materials, Other, Recycling, Transportation, Venture Capital Firm, Water
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