New Zealand Venture Investment Fund

Contact: Franceska Banga
Work Ascot Office Park, 93-95 Ascot Ave Unit 1B Greenlane Auckland 1543 New Zealand Work Phone: +64 9 951 0170 Website:


The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) operates a Seed Co-investment Fund that targets seed and early stage companies. It was established in late 2005 and made its first investment in 2006. The fund provides $40 million of matched investment alongside approved Seed Co-Investment Partners on a 1:1 basis into seed or start up high growth New Zealand businesses. The fund is a generalist investor, our investments to-date have been in Clean Technology, ICT, life sciences, medical technologies, and consumer products.

NZVIF will invest up to $4 million total alongside a co-investment partner with the potential for a further $4 million subject to a partnership review. Our firm based investments through the Fund are limited to a maximum investment of $250,000 in any one company or group of companies; with the possibility of another $250,000 in follow-on capital at the discretion of NZVIF. A 50/50 matching private investment is required for the Fund to invest. We only invest in New Zealand

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