Innovation Capital

Contact: Fiona Pak-Poy
Work 35 Lime St Suite 401 Sydney New South Wales 2000 Australia Work Phone: (02) 8296 6000 Website:


Innovation Capital raised its first Fund of $36.5 million in 2000, which has now been fully committed. We recently closed Fund II with $50.8 million in commitments and have invested in 5 opportunities. Innovation Capital is building a portfolio of Australian technology intensive companies that are then grown to produce world class technology businesses.

The investments will be across a technologically diverse portfolio including in the medical device, electronics (Cap-xx low power), telecommunications, IT, engineering, environmental (windlab systems) and biotech sectors. Innovation Capital’s principals have significant experience in both investing and building successful companies across these sectors.

The fund aims to acquire a 10% – 50% equity position in these companies and mentor and assist them to grow to major international businesses. Our investments can range from a $250K to $2 million depending upon the stage of investment and opportunity.

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