Global Venture Capital

Contact: Michael Korver
Work Toranomon Suzuki Bldg.6F 20-4 Toranomon 3-chome Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001 Japan Work Phone: +81-3-5403-8451 Website:


Global Venture Capital (GVC) is an independent, Tokyo-based partnership in the business of managing venture capital funds. Since 1997, gvc has been responsible for managing a series of venture capital funds with total committed capital of 6.3 billion yen, which has been directly invested in over 35 companies both inside and outside of Japan.

Our investments are limited to companies incorporated in Japan , the United States , the Commonwealth Realms, a limited number of other jurisdictions and certain offshore financial centers such as the Cayman Islands . We expect to invest half of each fund in Japanese companies and the balance in companies established in other countries.

We make seed, first outside round, and follow-on investments in companies operating in the life sciences and medical equipment, business-to-business services, ICT, new consumer businesses, materials, and alternative energy. To date our investments have ranged from $250 to $2 million as a lone investor or in syndication.

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