CVC Sustainable Investments

Contact: Bill Highland
Work Level 42, Suncorp Place 259 George St. Sydney Australia Work Phone: 02 9087 8000 Website:


CVC Group has two funds, the CVC Sustainable Investments fund and CVC Renewable Energy Equity Fund which are dedicated to clean technology and renewable energy investing. We assist small companies whose operations, products and services we consider to be environmentally sustainable with the ability to grow into large businesses. Our investments typically range from $250K to $2 million AUD.

We invest in businesses that: reduce dependency on non-renewable resources, reduce or eliminate waste or environmentally harmful byproducts of business, processes, reduce or eliminate airborne pollutants such as greenhouse gases,  reduce water consumption, increase energy efficiency and/or generally provide commercially sound solutions to environmental problems.

We have made a number of clean technology investments including: Battery Energy, Wind Corporation Australia, BioPower Systems (wave), Biodiesel Producers Limited, DoloMatrix (hazardous waste treatment), HydroChile, Soilwise (composting), PRO-PAC (biomaterial packaging), and Agri Energy Limited (ethanol).

Categories: $1M - $2M, $250,000 - $500,000, $500,000 - $1M, Australia, Building & Construction, Carbon Mitigation, Energy: Any, Equity, Follow-on, Industrial Technologies, Materials, Recycling, Transportation, Venture Capital Firm, Water
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