ArcLight Capital Partners

Contact: Thomas Kilgore
Work 200 Clarendon Street 55th Floor Boston Massachusetts 02117 United States Work Phone: 617-531-6300 Website:


ArcLight Capital Partners was founded in 2001 to invest in projects and companies across the entire energy industry value chain including coal, oil and gas production, midstream, power generation, gas, renewable energy, electric transmission and distribution as well as related service businesses. Our investments in renewable energy and high efficiency production include biodiesel, biomass, cogeneration, hydro, geothermal, and wind power. Our investments are typically in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Categories: $5M or more, Australia, Buyout, Eastern & Central Europe, Energy: BioFuel, Energy: Biomass, Energy: Efficiency, Energy: Energy Storage, Energy: Geothermal, Energy: Hydrogen, Energy: Small Hydro, Energy: Solar, Energy: Wind, Equity, Follow-on, North America, Other, Private Equity Fund, Project Finance, Project Finance, Project Finance, Western Europe
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