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Quercus Trust

Contact: David Gelbaum
Work Newport Beach CA United States Website: None


Quercus Trust is run by David Gelbaum from California. He shuns publicity and has no webpage or other means of contacting him publicly available. Below is an excerpt from the one article I have found about him. All other info is from SEC filings. He has given more money to conservation causes in California than anyone else. His gifts have helped protect 1,179 square miles of mountain and desert landscapes, an area the size of Yosemite National Park. His donations to wilderness education programs have made it possible for 437,000 inner-city schoolchildren to visit the mountains, the desert or the beach  often for the first time. Over a decade of steadily growing contributions  including more than $100 million to the Sierra Club  this mathematician turned financial angel has taken great pains to remain anonymous. In manner and appearance, David Gelbaum has maintained a low profile for someone who can afford to give away hundreds of millions of dollars. At age 55, retired from the rarefied world of Wall Street hedge funds, he lives in Newport Beach with his wife and two of his five children in a large home where visitors on occasion have mistaken him for the gardener. Bespectacled, 5 feet 5 and slightly built, he speaks softly, barely above a hoarse whisper. He drives a Honda Civic hybrid, wears jeans and T-shirts to business meetings and helps the kids clean up at the wilderness camp-outs he sponsors. Those who know him say he is never more uncomfortable than when asked to talk about his wealth or how much of it he has given away. His donations, which according to public records and other sources total at least $250 million, have preserved hundreds of miles of wildlife corridors across mountains and deserts, tying together once-isolated national parks and wilderness areas. One conservation deal, land trust experts say, is the largest single purchase of private land ever handed over to the U.S. government for one purpose: to leave it alone.

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