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GRI Equity

Contact: Tom Butler
Work Ballin Temple, Ardattin, Carlow Ireland Work Phone: 059 9155037 Website:


GRI Equity invests in business demonstrating good business practice and enlightened management. We help small and medium sized businesses grow. We invest globally, managing disparate holdings through web based systems and supported by a global network of advisors and regular site visits. We have invested in Europe, Asia and America, having reviewed hundreds of opportunities and invested successfully in the growth of businesses from early stage through to listed.

Businesses may demonstrate a desire to adopt sustainable business principles in their product/service offerings or in their operations. So, for example, we might invest in a traditional non-sustainable product because the business is adopting cooperative operations management and wishes to substitute production with sustainable alternatives.

Though we will consider all sectors, except military and nuclear, we focus on businesses serving the following markets: Industrial and consumer Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) goods and services, in particular sustainable substitutes for modern needs and conveniences: food, clothing, household, leisure and entertainment. We are also interested in information, communications and management technology, education, energy, transport, and waste management

We are capable of making investments from $250K to $2 million. We are not likely to invest in a business without sales, although we would consider helping develop these businesses to bring them to the point of being viable investments.

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