Sustainable Communities & Development

Hawaii Pacific University

Master of Arts in Global Leadership & Sustainable Development Contact: Art Whatley
School Honolulu Hawaii 96813 United States Work Phone: 1-866-225-5478 Website:


The Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development prepares students to lead change initiatives in a globalizing world increasingly characterized by chaos, complexity, and change. 42 semester hours of graduate work are required.

Graduates learn to lead change initiatives designed to enhance environmental performance, convert economic development into sustainable development, and increase environmental sustainability in all human systems. Students simultaneously search for the underlying causes of global environmental, economic and social problems, while also learning to design and lead initiatives that produce sustainable outcomes for the current and future generations.

The Certificate in Global Leadership prepares students for key positions across a wide array of organizational and institutional types: including international organizations, transnational corporations, and international nongovernmental organizations.

Categories: Advanced Degree, Policy, Sustainable Communities & Development
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