Sustainable Communities & Development

College of the Atlantic

Sustainable Business, Sustainable Food Systems, Ecological Planning & Policy Contact: Jay Friedlander
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Sustainable Business at COA prepares students across the curriculum to plan and start enterprises that create change. Students have built schools, farms, a biofuel company, an advocacy group, a community development organization, a high growth sustainable company, art businesses, a film company, renewable energy ventures, a bike taxi company, and a bakery.

If you are seeking to remake the world, the Sustainable Business area gives you the tools and experiences you need to increase your impact. Our classes cover both for-profit and non-profit enterprises and prepare you to work at scales ranging from the local farms, restaurants, arts organizations to the international—global development and advocacy organizations. Classes merge thought and action to address issues confronting organizations, businesses, and sustainable entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

  • Areas of Study at COA aren’t majors or formal concentrations. All COA students design their own major in human ecology and are free to chart their own path. Your major is defined by you, not us.
Categories: Advanced Degree, Bachelors Degree, Business Management, Organic Agriculture, Policy, Sustainable Communities & Development
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