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Center for Energy and Environmental Studies Contact: Christopher DeVits
School Boston Massachusetts 02215 United States Work Fax: 617-353-8399 Work Phone: 617-353-3083 Website: Website:


Several undergraduate and graduate degrees engage students in education, research, and professional training in energy efficiency and environmental analysis. The Center is multi-disciplinary and problem-oriented and shares close collaborative ties with other science departments at Boston University.

The educational programs are based on the philosophy that students need a solid training in traditional disciplines, as well as a set of integrative courses that expose students to the broad and systematic nature of environmental problems. The Center’s research programs investigate some of the planet’s most challenging environmental problems.

BA concentrations in environmental science, environmental analysis and policy, human geography, and physical geography

Master of Arts, Energy and Environmental Analysis
Master of Arts, International Relations and Environmental Policy
Master of Arts, Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS

Categories: Advanced Degree, Energy / Efficiency, Policy, Sustainable Communities & Development
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