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Environmental Technology Degree & Certificate Programs Contact: Advisingf Center
School West Barnstable Massachusetts 02668 United States Work Phone: 508-362-2131 x4468 Website: Website: Associate Degree Program in Environmental Technology


Earn a certificate in Coastal Zone Management. This program is for persons seeking to acquire skills and knowledge in environmental issues unique to Cape Cod and other coastal regions. This certificate is designed to provide students with up-to-date knowledge of the principles and practices of managing coastal areas to balance environmental, economic, human health, and human activities. Students study coastal ecological systems and the impact man has on these systems, physical oceanography and coastal structures and their relationship to coastal resources. Laws and regulations covering the coastal zone are presented and related to the policies of government.

The Environmental Technology Program emphasizes the cognitive and technical skills needed to enter and advance in environmental technology careers in both the private and public sectors. This is a career field that utilizes the principles of science, engineering, communication and economics to protect and enhance safety, health and natural resources. Students who are interested in pursuing a four-year undergraduate program in Environmental Studies should refer to the Associate in Arts Environmental Studies concentration.

Note: Classes moved to online, remote, hybrid.

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