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Forest Certification Resource Center
Metafore’s FCRC, launched in September 2001, is a comprehensive resource that helps businesses and consumers make informed decisions by providing accurate, objective information about forest certification.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
International, independent organization that sets certification standards for environmentally and socially responsible forest management.

Forest Trends
Building bridges to sustainable forestry. The groups seeks to maintain and restore forest ecosystems by promoting incentives that diversify trade in the forest sector, moving beyond exclusive focus on lumber and fiber to a broader range of products and services.

FSC Certificate Database
Search for FSC- certified products and species and certificate holders using this database.

Global Forest & Trade Network
Guide to legal and responsible sourcing of forest products. The guide lays out a generic approach for the development and implementation of a responsible purchasing policy

Global Forest and Trade Network
400 companies are part of this World Wildlife Fund (WWF) co-ordinated network, committed to responsible forest management and trade. They represent a wide range of actors including forest owners, timber processors, construction companies, retailers, investment agencies and local authorities. Members vary from small family-owned businesses to world scale leading companies such as IKEA and the Home Depot. By facilitating trade links between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry, the GFTN creates market conditions that help conserve the worlds forests while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them.

Markets Initiatives
Started in 1999, Canopy is perhaps best known as the organization behind the greening of the Harry Potter books, the greenest book in history. By redirecting the paper demands of major publishing sectors away from products containing virgin tree fibre that originate from temperate rainforests, Boreal forests and the world's endangered forests, we address the problem of forest loss at its core: consumption. Currently working with more than 700 publishers, mills and printers, Canopy is revolutionizing the book, magazine and newspaper sectors' paper purchasing practices, and with them, the North American publishing, pulp and paper industries. Their work is redefining the consumption patterns of heavy paper-consuming industries as well as setting cutting edge precedents for other market-based campaigns internationally. Canopy works collaboratively with publishing and printing companies to develop and, most importantly, implement environmental paper procurement policies as well as provide them with communications support for their eco initiatives. They work with these heavy paper consumers to influence their suppliers to develop new products that contain ecologically responsible alternatives such as recycled, agricultural residue and Forest Stewardship Council fibre.

Silva Forest Foundation
Ecologically responsible forestry. Pubs, manuals, maps.

The Forest Dialogue
International coalition of private landowners, forest products companies, conservationists, retailers, foreign assistance organizations, unions, and academia committed to the conservation and sustainable use of forests.

World Wildlife Fund Forests for Life Program
WWF works on forest conservation through a multiplicity of approaches and strategies which are pursued with regional and global partners: Credible Forest Certification, High Conservation Value Forests, combating illegal logging and forest crime, preventing forest fires, restoring damaged and degraded forests and forest protection. Position papers on global forest issues.

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