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Progressive Investor
Greening the Economy.
One Investment at a Time.

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Progressive Investor Testimonials

From Individual Investors:

"I find your publication outstanding and indispensable. Your commentary on the various companies and funds, coupled with the interviews, is a very dynamic combination."
- John Hesterly, individual investor

"At the risk of being very repetitive, I am so pleased to have found out about you! Alternative energy is such an enormous subject area. I'm relieved to have found a source that presents it so concisely."
- Gail Nicholson, Marketing/Business Development researcher, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

"I look forward to reading the newsletter every month. Keep doing what you are doing, being objective and staying ahead of the curve. You show us that most of the issues we are struggling with can be solved with new thinking, providing many economic opportunities. Thank you for your work."
- Richard Toole, individual investor

"Your latest newsletter was, as always, chock-full of great investment strategies. Because of Progressive Investor, I've made a profit of almost $11,000 over the past eight months. I'm a believer."
- Maurice Fauvel, MD., individual investor

"Thanks for a great newsletter dealing with green stocks. It has really helped me pick some winners, both in terms of dollars and the ability to invest in responsible (and beautiful) technologies, green building, etc. I really enjoy your discursive format - it is thoughtful and comprehensive."
- Lawrence Carroll, individual investor

"I just want to say thank you for doing what you do. As a small time novice investor, the information in your newsletter has helped me make a number of excellent investment decisions. For that alone, I am grateful. But it is not just that. It is about the way my attitudes and outlook have changed since I started subscribing. Before I started reading your newsletter and developing an active interest in alternative energy, I felt isolated, angry, and depressed about the fate our planet. I had almost lost hope for a better way.

But the international perspective in your newsletter caused me to develop an international perspective myself. It gave me the vision to see beyond the corruption of Wall Street, the terror in Iraq, and the tragedy of global warming. I began to see there are people and businesses all over the world who are working hard to make the world a better place. That vision gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and invest in stocks internationally. After a while, I began to feel like a citizen of the world. I guess it's the way ownership makes you feel. That gave me hope. And that hope has been very precious to me, more precious even than the profits themselves. So know that what you are doing is a good thing on many levels."
- Scott Barton, individual investor

From Financial Advisors:

"I find Progressive Investor to be the most comprehensive investment newsletter of its kind. The framework of soliciting input from green financial managers gives a breadth of insight unequaled in other sources I draw from. If I were to choose just one resource to underpin my own investment research it would be Progressive Investor."
- Stuart Valentine, Financial Advisor

"I want to tell you how useful my subscription to Progressive Investor is. The articles are extremely timely and the stock picks are always interesting. I would advise any PAM broker to avail him/herself of this valuable resource."
- Mike Honig, Financial Advisor

"Progressive Investor helps me to stay on top of company news so that I can develop a common base of understanding with the SRI money managers who manage my clients' portfolios. I appreciate its global approach and the variety and quality of the research perspectives presented."
- Georgette Frazer, Financial Advisor

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