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Green Investing
Greening the Economy.
One Investment at a Time.

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Progressive Investor:

guidance on green investing, including investments in renewable energy, smart grid, energy storage, greenbuilding, water, healthy living.

Since 2002, when we first started publishing our green investing newsletter, Progressive Investor, green stocks have exploded on the public markets - from just a couple dozen to the many hundreds we see today. How can you know which companies to invest in and how to create a diversified green portfolio for yourself or for your clients?

Individuals and investment advisors use our research to understand the trends and keep up with companies that are leading us to a green economy. Sure, there's tons of free information on the Web, but you really do get what you pay for.

If you're looking for grounded advice from leading green portfolio managers and experts in the field, and you want to stay on top of the trends throughout our field - renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage, green building, the recycling industry, water, organic foods and healthy lifestyles - there's no other information source that covers it all.

Let us help you navigate through the maze and build a foundation for green investing that will strongly benefit you or your clients over the coming years.

Issue 92: June 2012 

Watch this Bloomberg video on Green Investing 101. It features Rona Fried, Editor of Progressive Investor

Emerging Green Stocks

The profiles in this section introduce small, emerging green stocks to potential investors and analysts. Small, publicly traded firms in our space need help getting visibility in order to grow. They are pushing the envelope, bringing us hugely exciting, innovative technologies that address some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, while delivering us to the promising future we all crave.

Learn How to Get Your Company Profiled

Green Stock Watch

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TAN +0.54 +25.21
AMSC +0.45 +6.27
ENOC +0.36 +7.33
ITRI +1.44 +32.96
MXWL +0.11 +6.97
ORA +0.67 +44.33
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FSLR +2.78 +68.66
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