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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: You say your newsletter is about Sustainable Business. How is it different from SRI (socially responsible investing) and Ethical Investing?

Answer: Sustainable businesses offer products and services that support and enhance the well-being of all earth's inhabitants. Their core business is about organic products, renewable energy, clean transportation, green building, recycled products and more. Such businesses are found in every sector of the economy. SRI or Ethical Investing is generally defined as "investing in companies that operate ethically, provide social benefits, and are sensitive to the environment." While there are many good ethical and socially responsible companies their products/ services do not relate directly to sustainability.


Question: Is your newsletter strictly about sustainable businesses?

Answer: Yes and no. Progressive Investor focuses on companies that contribute directly to an equitable and ecologically sustainable economy. But we might occasionally cover a company that is taking extraordinary steps towards pollution control or other aspects of sustainability. Companies that are "greening" themselves will get our attention. They deserve it.


Question: Will your newsletter tell me when to buy and sell a company stock?

Answer: No. We do not attempt to do market timing and we do not make decisions for you. Our role is to educate you and help you become familiar with relevant companies and industries. You'll learn how the experts think about a wide range of companies and issues relating to them. We may indicate how one of our experts rates a company but that should not be interpreted as a buy or sell signal.


Question: Isn't all that information available on the Internet?

Answer: No. In fact, there is no other source for this kind of information. We conduct exclusive interviews with social/ environmental investment leaders. We also offer exclusive reports about each sustainable industry sector.

Of course, there's an overwhelming amount of news that you can find if you do enough research on an on-going basis. We are so thorough that you'll find you can save yourself the time and let us do that work for you. We sift through mountains of information to carefully choose the most significant and important news and report them to you.


Question: What will I get when I subscribe?

Answer: A lot! See what your subscription includes on the main page.

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