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Green Investing
Greening the Economy.
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About Emerging Green Stocks

Why Invest in Emerging Green Stocks?

Want to learn about stocks that are leading the way to a green society?

This section of our site is devoted to introducing small, emerging green stocks to potential investors and analysts. By profiling and promoting deserving, green companies that trade on the public markets, we fulfill our core mission at – helping green businesses grow.

These innovative, courageous companies are pushing the envelope, bringing us hugely exciting, innovative technologies that address some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems and deliver us to the promising future we all crave.

But emerging companies have a hard time getting noticed by analysts and investors alike, who tend to focus on established stocks especially in tough economic times.

Investing in these companies is a powerful way of supporting them and helping them grow, creating a positive cycle of higher stock prices – a win-win for company and investor alike. As stock prices push higher, analysts cover the stock, which encourages more people to invest. Companies are then better positioned to forge strong partnerships with leading firms, generate revenue, and grow!

The clean technology era is often compared in scale to the rise of the telecommunications industry in the early 1980s. Dubbed "mother of all markets," it is nothing less than the transformation of our society and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in young companies that are changing the world for the better.

Many hundreds of green companies have listed on the world’s stock markets over the past decade and have grown into market leading stocks in sectors ranging from healthy living to renewable energy. Stocks like Whole Foods and United Natural in natural foods, and First Solar and Vestas in clean energy, have become household names to those educated in green investing.

Green Companies We Cover

Companies like First Solar and Vestas started out as tiny, green stocks, and grew rapidly and steadily because of their robust management, business plan and execution.

The companies profiled here have the same potential. They are undiscovered green gems ready for their moment in the sun. We vet every company and present those we believe are poised for dramatic success, but who have not yet been discovered by the investment community. These companies have strong management teams and uniquely important products or services.

Why Us? specializes in green business worldwide, and is known throughout the field as having deep experience and understanding of green technology and green investing. We’ve produced one of the few hands on green investing newsletters, Progressive Investor, since 2002, while has been online since the dawn of the Internet in 1996.

During this 12+ year period, we have become a recognized and respected source of green business and green investor news and analysis, connections and networking. We maintain close relationships with the leading green investment analysts and advisors, mutual funds and ETFs around the world. And we host about 300,000 visits a month on our website.

Since we’re “deep green,” having been involved in the field way before it was cool, we don’t hype stocks. Rather, you’ll find factual information that simply focuses attention on deserving, breakthrough companies that might otherwise be overlooked.

For this service, we are partnering with Randy Lewis, CFA, MBA who provides interim CFO, strategic planning and investor relations services to green companies. An avid green investor and analyst for over 15 years, Randy is has a keen understanding of the drivers and competitive forces of emerging green industries, with the ability to effectively and succinctly communicate at all levels of the investment community.

Get your stock noticed by the green investor community. Contact us today!

Please email Randy Lewis or call him at (818) 426-3134 to get going.

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