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Progressive Investor
Greening the Economy.
One Investment at a Time.

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About Progressive Investor

Progressive Investor is a monthly, online green investing newsletter that guides people toward investments in companies leading the way to a green economy. This trusted source helps individuals and portfolio managers understand the trends and identify the leading green companies.

Unlike other newsletters, we cover all green sectors including renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage, green building, the recycling industry, water, organic foods and healthy lifestyles. We also cover multinational corporate green pioneers that are making a commitment to sustainability and acting on it.

We've been publishing Progressive Investor since 2002, when there were only a couple dozen green stocks on the public markets! Since then, hundreds of green companies have entered the public markets - the combination of small green pure plays and large, leading corporations can easily form the basis of a strong green portfolio, along with mutual funds and/or ETFs. See our list of pure plays on Green Stock Watch.

Progressive Investor was the first green investment newsletter produced in the United States. Now we have a handful of competitors, and gazillions of free blogs that offer fragmented information. It may be tempting to rely on free information, but you get what you pay for! Instead of glitz, bells and whistles, you’ll find in depth, yet concise reporting based on research and interviews with leaders in green portfolio management.

You'll learn about the top green companies, large and small, across the full range of industry sectors worldwide. Look no further if you want a concise way to keep up with the trends and the players in the field, develop a green stock portfolio, or invest in green mutual funds and ETFs. Individual investors, financial advisors and private equity investors use it to make informed, financially sound investments.

It's not as easy as it looks to invest in renewable energy, energy storage and smart grid. Although many companies are now well established, they are still volatile on the stock market. It's important to understand the trends, the companies and market sentiment. Other green sectors, such as water and healthy living are more mature and can diversify a portfolio.

Each year, we produce a special issue that focuses on one segment of the green marketplace: we've produced reports on solar, wind, water, recycling, micro-fuel cells, investing in community, and energy storage. Another annual event is the SB20- the World's Top Sustainable Stocks.

Let us help you make informed, financially sound investments that support your green values and give you exposure to the rising green economy we all want to be part of.

To get a sense for the wide range of green investing topics we cover see our back issues. Issue older than two years are free to read.

"I'm quite impressed with the depth and content quality of your newsletter. I not only read it, I act on it. I have purchased shares of many companies mentioned in Progressive Investor or other companies that I found while doing more research on those companies. All those new investments are the best performing part of my portfolio - plus I feel good about being an investor in each of them."- Guylaine Nadeau, Canada

Put simply, companies that outperform on the environment, outperform financially. Empirical research demonstrates this. By investing in companies with top environmental records, you can produce superior financial returns and support companies that enhance life on earth. Strong environmental performance equates to better management overall, which translates into stronger earnings and greater shareholder value for green investors.

Progressive Investor draws on a group of world-class green investment analysts to produce every monthly issue. Whether we are looking at green stocks such as water, clean energy, or another issue, we examine it through the eyes of the experts. We continually call upon our partners: Winslow Management, Cannacord Adams, Ardour Capital and others. The Editor is Rona Fried, Ph.D., CEO of Read more about the Editor and Contributing Partners.

A Typical Issue contains:

- News Highlights related to renewable energy, green building, private equity and our other
investment sectors
- Upcoming or recent IPOs, new mutual funds, ETFs
- Upcoming Investor Conferences
- Trends affecting green investing, such as China and green technology
- Stock Market Commentary as it relates to green investing
- Updates on stocks we cover
- Green company stock profiles
- Analyst Conversations on their outlook for the stock market or stock recommendations on
specific segments such as green building, thin film solar, batteries, investing in forests, etc.
- Comprehensive list of the most important green stocks with buy/hold/sell ratings & brief

One Year Subscription: $185
5 Month Subscription: $112 (includes access to all back issues & Special Report)
2 Year Subscription: $333
Special Reports: $89
Single Issue: $21

Your one year subscription includes:

  • 10 monthly online issues of Progressive Investor newsletter
  • Annual Special Report on a green investment sector (Solar PV, Wind, Water, Recycling, Green Building, Energy Storage.)
  • Free access to all the back issues
  • Real Time updates of Buy/Hold/Sell Ratings for green stocks.
  • Original editorial content that pulls together the views of leading experts in the green investing arena
  • Features and company profiles that evaluate company positions from environmental and financial perspectives

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