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IHS has produced a new report on greenhouse gas management and sustainability reporting. Click on the banner above to download it.

I'm proud to report that Nasdaq launched the worldwide Green Economy indexes last week - see the press release below. I'm selecting the stocks for the indexes, so you can be sure they're as green as they can be.

It's quite a process to find every single publicly traded green company in the world - I found almost 500, excluding stocks that trade on the bulletin boards. There are 360 stocks in the index so far - which covers every green sector - the others don't have market caps over $50 million.

Many of the stocks that are too small for the index used to have much larger market caps, but the last couple of years have been very hard on green stocks. Hopefully, the tide will turn for them again soon. Solar is looking up at the moment - investors have been staying away because they've been afraid of "commoditization" of the industry among other reasons, but this has turned out to be a super-strong year for solar company revenues.

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